Why is automation important in the bakery?

The first thing you probably think of when you hear the word bakery is your favorite bakery store where you can buy your favorite delicious treats, be it your favorite cakes or cookies and so on. But as much as this thought sounds like a complete dream, there are many ways to make these products. And with customer experience as one of the main drivers for profit, the bakery industry has also shifted its focus towards automation. In this article, we discuss the advantages of using automatic equipment.

Bakery and automation

The fact is that the automation of bakery processes directly helps to reduce energy and labor costs. Businesses across the food and beverage manufacturing spectrum must evaluate the competing claims of market-driven need for flexibility, cost and productivity benefits that flow with the introduction of automation.

Introduction of automation in bakery
The first time was Otto Friedrich Rohöder who invented the bread slicer. Since then, automation has played an important role in the bakery industry. That’s because automation isn’t just a matter of volume, it’s about achieving consistency.

The practice of manual production of baked goods can lead to variations in products. These types of products need extensive changes to maintain the quality and handmade appearance. This is why today a wide range of bakery products are produced in fully automated processes. Apart from that, an increasing number of bakeries are turning to warehouse automation. It helps them efficiently manage the short shelf life of bakery products, manage labor costs, minimize product damage, increase inventory accuracy and maximize warehouse capacity.

Modern bakery
Automation aims to enable bakeries to reduce overhead costs while simultaneously helping to improve sales, as each item reaches store shelves before its expiration date, allowing bakeries to fully allocate resources for better flow. Plan and improve the product. In short, with an automated storage and retrieval system and warehouse execution system, bakeries can increase visibility and inventory control with data, which also increases operational efficiency. Similarly, manufacturers can use the data for future production and supply chain planning.

Here is an overview of the impact of automation on the bakery industry:

There are several simple, hygienic and horizontal mixing equipment and methods for bread ingredients that can help you achieve more consistent dough quality. On the other hand, an integrated dough distribution system helps increase your production efficiency and capacity while maintaining optimal dough temperature control for a wide variety of doughs.

Product appearance
Increasing the quality and uniformity of bread, bread, pizza, sweets, etc. is also an important point that should be paid attention to. This is where you need precision dough portioning and molding systems with flexible sheeting, depositing, decorating and laminating technology to help your bakery grow.

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