Azerbaijan Industrial Group (Afkhami)

Azerbaijan Industrial Group (Afkhami) was founded and established in 1386 by Mr. Nasser Afkhami and he is currently the manager of this group. . At the very beginning of the establishment of Azerbaijan Industrial Group (Afkhami), in pursuit of hygiene and mechanization of traditional bakery units, they started to patent and invent devices related to this industry. The first product of this collection was a table-top dough spreader (roller), and after that, various bread baking ovens (Lavash, Berber, Tufton) were made along with a bread maker or bread receiver for this type of bread. Lavash and Tufton fully automatic spreader and electromechanical tapping device (robot) are among the registered products of this collection.

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Features of our device

Three-purpose or dough former
Mechanical knocker
Vertical rotary baking oven and bread maker
Cool the bread

Fully automatic impact bread lavash machine

This product is a combination of five devices, from the previous productions of Azerbaijan Industrial Group (Afkhami). The three-way section (dough forming) which also includes the dough tank, spreads the dough through the spreader section and directs it to the vertical cooking rotary. At the beginning of the vertical baking rotation, the electromechanical beater sticks the dough to the cast iron surface, and after baking, the dough is separated from the bread receiving blade from the baking rotation surface and the bread is directed to the cooling table.

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