Azarbaijan (Afkhami) Industrial Group was founded in 2007 by Mr. Naser Afkhami and he is currently the Chairman of the Board. In the same year that the company was founded, Arsin Kav Azarbaijan Industrial Group invented different machines in the bakery industry after repeated testing and error and after the hygiene and mechanization of the bakeries.

The first invention was the production of semi-automatic lavash bread maker, which was sent to domestic and overseas markets, followed by various ovens for bread types, along with bread makers for lavash and taftoon, fully automatic triple-baking machine, tunneling machine (which offered 0 to 100 baking). He has been inventing and producing a three-way round machine for cutting bread such as bread (Taftoon, Lavash, Lebanese, pizza dough, etc.) and is on the verge of progress in this class. It should be noted that the production machines of the company are accompanied by a patent certificate and can be requested.

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