Company history

What did you do in Azerbaijan (Afkhami) in 1386, with the help of Agai Nasser Afkhami, the foundation of a revolution and the establishment of a new record and what they are in the name of the director of this Darand decision group. Two dirhams to start the establishment of the Azerbaijan (Afkham) factory, in Behdashti, and the mechanism of one cardinal one, this nano-centimeter, with which it is proven and the invention of a system linked to it, this is a class of modern puzzles. First of all, this group has a bunch of velvet that has a different color (your mistake) and it has a very different color (Lash, Berbere, Tafton). N type naan ha sakhteh shd. This system is fully automatic for washing, tapping, and an electromechanical strike system (patterns) as a set of proven generators.

 A fully automatic device, no one has a title with rosettes on it, and there is a copy of the device you made in Azerbaijan (fakhmi) with reliable authenticated chains of narration, in the present case, it can be used to produce a document and with it. The address of the production unit, where is the company located at Nanwanyan University, may be displayed


Azerbaijan Industrial Group (Afkhmi) created a huge revolution in the industry of lavash bread or in general thin flat breads by making a fully automatic impact machine for lavash bread. Especially the concern of bakers to produce lavash bread more easily and less expensively and with better quality.

Azarbaijan group (Afkhami) intends to internationalize lavash bread in the world as it lasts longer than other thin flat breads and enter this bread in big and reputable stores in the world. With regard to the production of quality tools related to the production of this bread, it will leave an effective step in the history of lavash bread.